Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life with Roommie

Ahhh! The influx of fresh air and new energy. Gets our feathers ruffled and our creativity a boost. And, I think just a tad, we have to prove to our new roommie that we are indeed as cool as we made ourselves out to be. Kind of like putting on a smile on a day when you woke up grumpy: sometimes it works! We have been staying up "late" (ooo! 11pm!) sharing wine and conversation, showing Austin around town as if we knew the place, and introducing him to interesting-looking people whom we have secretly wanted to know ourselves. Just what we wanted. Some of our friends don't understand why we, a married couple with a kid, would invite a young gay guy from Kentucky to live with us in our little "single family dwelling" in Berkeley when we don't need the rent money. Some of his friends assumed things. Well, since moving away from our household of loved ones in Sacramento, we have longed for supportive community life ever since. Extended chosen-family life suits us. We have invited others whom we love to join us, and Austin just happens to be the first person to take us up on it. We're delighted!
Uncle Austin making an impromptu fishing pole for Anjali to catch chickens in the backyard.

A highlight that Sealion and I anticipated was ~ surprise surprise! ~ the food. Austin is a foodie after our own hearts. The communal family meal has returned. So far, we have eaten delicious Tiffie-n-Austin-made dinners 3-out-of-4 nights. And yesterday Austin and I had my food friend Ciara over to prepare a batch of kraut to ferment in time for holiday gifts. Fun! Canning, preserving, fermenting, all are tedious-but-simple labors that are best shared with friends ~ many hands make light work (and great conversation). This has been my dream.
We made a spiced, Christmas-inspired seasonal batch that included purple cabbage for color, tart apple slices, and spices like cinnamon, clove, and magical cardamom. "Christmas Kraut" has an easy ring to it, but Austin's "Wassail Kraut" is even better. With this, I am sneaking the time to write a recipe on my food blog, Food-a-File, which we have all forgotten. So happy to dust it off and add a tasty entry.

Sealion and I are banking on the idea that community and creativity beget community and creativity ~ a good deal for everyone. And just in time to weather the winter gray and chill!

Welcome home, Roommie!!


Alyssum Pohl said...

aw, man! jealous already (in the best way) and i just left! so happy for you all in that home. what a great community you have in house!

ABC said...

If I had any idea life here was this sublime my Christmas list would have asked for a slice of goodness this fresh long ago. I'm especially bursting with gratitude for my time with the kit. She has only begun to teach me how to dance!

woo said...

So lovely! The harmony and fulfillment in your home is tangible....So glad for all of you!