Monday, November 02, 2009


Food is so important to me. It is happily central to our home life. I am fascinated with pretty much every aspect of food ~ from field to plate and beyond. Nutrition is the flip side of that same coin, or more appropriately, one facet of the beautiful prism ~ because ecology, social justice, politics... all are a part of the picture, too. Luckily when you eat Good Food, you care for all aspects at the same time. And once your body becomes accustomed to truly good food, excellent nutrition is easy (though not necessarily fast! [or maybe i should say necessarily not-fast..]) and delicious.

Especially once I began preparing for pregnancy, children's nutrition ~ hand-in-hand with pregnancy nutrition ~ has become one of my key passions. Don't even get me started! ;-) And now you don't have to because some of my associates in the San Francisco Bay Area have re-vamped their very informative site dedicated to children's nutrition. Its focal audience is parents, but I think it does a great ~ thorough yet concise ~ job of speaking to human nutrition in general. And shares resources if you'd like to learn more. Clicking on "For Parents" will take you to the nutritional info.

Check it out: Nourishing Our Children.

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