Sunday, November 22, 2009

Embracing Winter

A recipe, or, perhaps, a prescription:

The day is gray, the weather chilled.
Put on some music you can't help but dance to.
Drink a little coffee if you must.
Walk outside long enough that your cheeks get pink, and breathe deeply so that you see the breath in front of you.
Come back inside and note how much warmer you feel for having been out.
Hug and snuggle with the loved ones around you, non-furry and furry alike.
Smile, even if at first it feels false.
Know that you are blessed.

photo: layers of gray.


woo said...

and also silk long johns, a fire, and hot chocolate!

ProfesoraGrace said...

"recipe" & "prescription" are the same word in spanish - "receta" :)