Wednesday, January 25, 2006

sweet sealion

ok. it has come to my attention that i no longer feel comfortable referring to my sweetest companion as "troyboy." this might have fit his boytoy embodiment early in the game. (or not~perhaps we ask him?) this man has defied my expectation and categorization time and again. each new layer uncovered reveals more deeply a man of such genuine intention and insight. i feel so honored to be given these glimpses of his golden god-like character. so much of the time i avoid ladling too many accolades on him in my blog; i'm already so oozy with cheese as it is! but i realize in gushing about the other goodnesses and avoiding this glaring-bright good, i commit a huge oversight. and, hell, i'm the main person who reads this thing, anyway. ;)
i learn from him daily. i most admire his exuberance~his willingness to be a cheerleader (contrasting those of us who were class presidents in the "too cool" school). his willingness to admit that he doesn't know everything, and that he allows himself to be a beginner. his ability to roll with whatever happens and not stress changes of plans. i really like how much he likes people, and that he is a teamplayer. how generous he is, and open to new situations. and I LOVE HIS STYLE!! in a pair of jeans, or in full tribal makeup and ascot~damn, do he look goood to me!! i am delighted to see the art that he creates around his life. his aesthetic eye is unique and keen. i really am going to stop now; don't want my boy to blush.
so, we at WIDE WORLD OF TIF will, from this day forward until he creates a new name, call him Sealion.

photos: Sealion joins his clan at the pier,
backstage at new year's~~you figure out which is which.


alyssum said...

make him blush! make him blush!

I like Sealion more betterish too. happy.

josh said...

damn! does he like dudes? i'm good in the sack and can do laundry like a mofo!

woo said...

he is pretty lovely...and the longer i know him the more his amazing~ness becomes apparent! and he loves you so.....