Friday, January 13, 2006


and while we're on the subject of chocolate~~
what a good subject!! we stay here for a while. :)

i have tried another good one.
Endangered Species Chocolate Company
"Chocolate with a Cause"
Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans.
70% cocoa, not bad!
and from the ingredient list it looks vegan.

it has a gorgeous tiger gazing lovingly from the wrapper.
they donate a portion of the profits to tiger protection efforts.
you open it up like a fortune cookie, and it tells you a story about tigers and their plight for existence. and about Thanksgiving Coffee Company that is sustainably harvested, and roasted lovingly in Ft. Bragg, California, and added to this delectable chocolate.

and you have a pretty piece of gold paper to use for origami when you're done devouring or savouring.

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