Tuesday, January 17, 2006


yeah, and did i mention~~my mom got married??!!?
after he popped the question and produced the ring perhaps a week before, she calls me up the monday night before new year's and says, "tif, we're thinking about doing something crazy. .. !" i say, "well, you're asking the wrong person if you're looking to be talked out of doing something crazy!" (she liked this response. i knew she would.) "we're thinking about moving the date up. . ." "how soon?" "this friday!!" she was all a-giggle, as she has been since the week she started dating this sweet man in august. i told her i think timing is very important. if they felt the time was right, then who's to say otherwise.
they were married friday, december 30th at 3:30pm, in mom's living room, with a few family and friends. i gave her away over the phone (plane tickets to KY for new year's with that short notice were astronomical) with beau d holding my hand in his truck in the los angeles traffic violations parking lot (ha!). i got to hear the whole ceremony. and cried. they headed (from elizabethtown) to the lexington marriot where they rang in the new year with champagne and filet mignon and dancing and confetti (all a first for my mom. she feels like a queen).
a few days later the mail carrier delivered a tupperware filled with white cake, gold confetti, and white tulips from her bouquet. :)
my mom's a good woman with a huge heart. as beautiful as she remains, life's given her her share of suffering and tears. to hear her laughing, to see her in her kitchen dancing cheek-to-cheek with a man who adores her--my heart overflows with gratitude and joy. what a blessing.
to mom and mister: may your years be filled with dancing. :)

mom and mister (at thanksgiving),
me and beau d. in LA "live via teleceremony"

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