Monday, January 23, 2006


let me tell you about new year's. cuz i got some good shots, and it was a good time. as i wrote to you in an earlier entry, i expected not to get to perform with my lovely lucent family that night. they were debuting a new piece, of which i hadn't been a part of the creation process. cool. i would get to boogie-down audience-style, and maybe help out backstage as needed (isn't it always needed?). turns out they were performing my beloved elf-show. there's no way in hell i'd miss a chance to crawl around on all fours with my ass in the air, lick strawberry's foot while orley humps my head, intermittently gettin' to shake that jiggley booty forest-style. on stage while hundreds of people watch. what better way to ring in a new calendar year. the party, which was called Cirk-O-Six, was at a grand old theatre in downtown LA. every corner, arch, stairwell, and ceiling that could be ornately decorated, gilt, sculptured, muraled, was. besides the mainhall where we vaudevillians and cirquus-types performed (check out those wau wau sisters.. ), there were several other galleries around corners and down hallways with other art installations and live music happenin.
my handsomest pardner-in-fashion-crime was in perfect attendance, with rainbow-marbled hair that matched his professor plum purple zoot suit. (i bout jumped out of my elf-ears when i got a load of him in that get-up.) mackin-daddy with his lovely lady visiting from NYC, thoopadoopa superkate, a coupla her friends, ms. nikii and mister~~all these extra-curriculars were in attendance and mad fashion dazzlement.
the new piece that lucent dossier performed was new territory yet again. the costumes were intricate, organic, and a textural feast,yet again. live musicians joined our dancing crew to make wondrous in-the-moment magic (the violin solo broke my heart!). the highlight of the piece for me as a fellow-lucent-turned-audience-member, was to watch roger, who usually plays the comic-fool or monkey in our troupe. his modern-style duet and trio was as graceful, evocative, and perfectly-timed as his monkey is buffoonish and goofy. my favorite act of the night was my virgin viewing of DC Juicy, and, well, how can i describe them? comic hip-hop with frickin sexy dancers? Lisa, Orley, and my Strawberry, all from LD, dance hip-hop go-go style for this show, with changes of hottie costumes. fun. hilarious. sexy.
after we helped load-out at four a.m. (!), my pardner and i joined the after-party at Space Island, where we boogied the sun up. the place was still packed at seven when we could shake our tailfeather no more. we went to my favorite breakfast diner, Millie's, in silverlake, and had our new year's pancake and egg. my boy fell asleep on his toast. i have RARELY in my life done the all-night-through-to-the-morning thing (as is the routine for so many of my loved-ones in LA). i was proud to do it up right. we marveled: if someone had told you a year ago that you'd be performing and partying in LA on new year's 2006, etc. etc., with all the details, what would you have said? [buyer beware: a WHOLE LOT can happen in a year!!] [!!]

photos (randomly):
the theatre, outside rain, inside splendor, backstage chaos
showin' off that man o mine, after-party glamour-puss, sleepy in front of millie's ~ with the downtown LA skyscape in the teeny-tiny background, a coupla onstage elf photos by pixie ~ one of elf me sizing-up orley for a bite!, for more ~ sea of dreams, LA

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