Sunday, December 25, 2005


can't post pics of vegas without balancing shots of nature, now, can we?
we were two of the handful of folks camping in zion the week before christmas. i think we counted.. . three tents besides ours the several nights we spent there. vastly different from the throngs of summer!

photos: connect the description with the corresponding photo:
on the drive in the weather was 99% different than i've experienced before: cool misty and gray, with low hovering clouds that veiled the rock formations and gave the vast landscape a heavy mood.. well--the mesas had an almost mordor-like quality about them--i'd call that heavy, wouldn't you?
troyboy at his fire
the skeleton of a tree against the (regular) piercing blue sky
view from atop observation point trail
red rock with a sprinkling of early morning snow.
typical tif-shots of shrubs and stuff (perhaps i was taking shots of the shrubs so as not to concentrate on how exposed we were on the way up to angel's landing.. )
troyboy and his non-fear of heights
i think my favorite spot on this trip was with my feet right by the fire (with food cooking, too, of course ;)
sunset smear on our way out.

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