Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i been drinkin this concoction these days after i jog.
it just makes me feel like i'm being healthy, drinking something that looks that green. it sho do look green. it look like a pool o tempera paint--you remember that stuff? you know you wanted to eat it (or was that just me?).

a piece of fruit (i've used oranges, bananas, a handful of frozen blueberries if they're around. i bet a ripe peach would be yummy!)
a drizzle of honey (cuz i worth it)
you know it=a spoonfull of almond butter (cuz i love it)
a splash of liquid (i use water. i encourage you to use your favorite milk)
not even a tablespoon of supergreen powder.

fire that stuff up in the blender. see if it don' make you feel like you bein' healthy.

this recipe is dedicated to madame kristin (AMuse), for her inspirational energy. (hell, she gotta be doin' somethin right. "i'll have what she's having.")

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