Friday, December 23, 2005


can't help but notice no one signed this thing:

"Thank you for sharing your views on the death penalty. The people of this State, through the initiative process, have voted to enact the death penalty in cases of first degree murder committed under certain special circumstances. The Governor supports the people's right to prescribe the ultimate punishment for the most heinous crimes.

Before a death sentence is carried out, the prisoner has been convicted of first degree murder under one or more special circumstances, has further been determined to warrant the death penalty and has had the opportunity to have these determinations reviewed by both state and federal courts including the Supreme Court of California and the United States Supreme Court.

The Governor would prefer that no person commits the type of crime that would warrant the death penalty, but knows that unfortunately there are persons capable of committing such acts. He hopes that some will be deterred by the death penalty, but for those who are not, he will enforce the law as enacted by the people.

Your views are important and appreciated. On behalf of the Governor, I thank you for your letter.


Office of Constituent Affairs"

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