Sunday, December 04, 2005


soundtrack: that one grant green song

since nobody know ho like i know ho, might i present my oldest friend in the donning of a new name:
ho-swah, ever akin to snakes in the shedding of worn aphorisms, has discarded his most recent nickname, "the ho," and taken another shape as he ever journeys toward his most divine self.
now, i shall call him "brer white du rabbit." "white" for that part of his nature that pursues The Mystery like a stocktrader with a deadline. and "brer"--well, do you know the uncle remus story? anything that's worth doing by brer white is worth doing a WHOLE LOT of. in excess, with gusto. need we mention his pursuasive powers.
wait, you ask, related to barry, the famous white with the particularly distinctive sound? brer says the ladies can ask him that one in person.

brer white, in returning from our recent reunion, i am proud to reflect that you are still the yin to my yang--soul twins, activate! in the form of.. cheesey blogposts about how much i adore you!

photo montage: the prowess of brer white
notice the side kick, Rod Dofolus, attentive to his hero's every move.

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