Tuesday, October 18, 2005


wow. lock a bunch of freaks, 24-hour food service, photographers, and glitter on a big ol' boat for three days and whatta ya get?
love and magic.
i would have never considered going on a cruise. they're for old people and shuffle board, centered around excess, gluttony, and consumerism, with a bit of sunshine thrown in for redemption. it seemed that carnival was attempting to save its disneyfied cocacola soul (and make some more cash, of course) by inviting us artists/cirque/burners onboard to give their product a little hip (hype). ** of course when we were invited i was psyched--anywhere i go with my lucent family, be it the desert or the grocery, is the place for fun. what i didn't expect (that i should have) was how brightly all our freaky love made that boat shine. as soon as we got our bags dumped in our bunks, everyone was on deck in full effect--hooping, spinning, contact improving, making music, dancing, and just plain being gorgeous and playing and loving each other. it was astonishingly inspiring to see how much joy could be generated when so many of us come together, even in a venue that is so not "underground."
after lucent delirium, when the party got busted by the fire marshals and it was questionable whether "the do lab" as a location would even exist anymore (as we knew it), when so many community members came together to help in the clean-up effort (god, this is a long sentence), dream sent out a letter to everyone. she felt that we had been charged to take our message of light and love out and up into the "rest" of the world. i think this was the perfect explosive introduction.

troyboy was elated (wagging his doggie tail) to socialize and get to know everyone better (LA wonderlovelies, and other light-bearing folks, in general). i thrilled at getting to do some hardcore improvising with gobs and piles of writhing sexy people, AND--i had an absolutely orgasmic experience dancing with the Mutaytor. my hips were moved by the spirit that night.

**(though i do have to say that the organizer for the whole thing seemed very sincere and kind.)

photos: in whatever random order blogger tosses them:
tb and avo chillin' on deck,
ensenada nightscape,
lucents regrouping for another kickass performance later in the evening (after two full rounds of up-all-night fun),
a spontaneous samba parade that took over the whole interior of the ship. at 3 am.
me and some totally hot glitterfied-velvetized-ascoted, slicked-hair dude i found on the lido deck.
flaming lips rainbow balloon bouncing psychadelightfuliscousness.

these are our shots, but--
once again, gotta hand the mic to pixie. she rocks the photo house.


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Mick said...

how is it that you are so friggin' rockin?! how are there enough hours in the day?!?

love your blog, even if I only check in occasionally!