Saturday, October 08, 2005

fresh air

i had become city-fied without realizing it. just getting absorbed in what's going on, and what there is to do. troyboy and i escaped this afternoon to a trail in the lake tahoe area--big bend. the blue blue blue sky there always shocks me. it is the definition of sky-blue. and although we could still hear traffic from the interstate, i felt like the pine-scented air was cleaner going into my lungs. we hiked up up to the top of a ridge, with bald granite and conglomerate rock rubble, following cairns that marked the trail. through pine forest with yellowing fern undergrowth, random swarms of gnats, and a sprinkle of leftover purple flowers. our destination was a lake (he was in charge of the map, of course--i don't remember what the name of the lake was.. . ) that reflected sky-blue and rippled with a few idling mallards. we basked in the sun here, the breeze having just a bit of a nip to it at this elevation. couldn't stay long; troy had to get back to show up for a night shift. letting the momentum carry us, we galloped from rock to rock on the way down. (my favorite part of hiking an out-and-back--the hills that were hard on the way out are fun on the way back.) even being out of the city for a few hours, surrounded by beauty, good company, moving my body, and getting a little bit dirty--i feel so much more grounded and more myself.

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