Wednesday, August 10, 2005

gratitude and cheesey gushings

back in sac-to to hang with that precious troyboy. catching my breath from the city and soaking in some rays. last week was up and down as i tried to make my way around LA by myself, on the bicycletta (in local hollywood), and (thankfully) sometimes in el caballero negro, which tb left in my care while he was partying down/living it up with the crew down south-o-the-border.
i LOVED cruisin' the sidewalks of hollywood on the barracuda. a self-generated breeze, and freedom. passing by mamas and children speaking you name what language, fragrant ethnic fare wafting by at every corner, and walk signals that always let me across. i hate to say this, but i think LA drivers are actually more aware of non-cars than drivers in lex-town.
driving the car was mostly ten times less desirable than lex's new circle at rush hour (although nikii and superkate insist it's mostly a matter of planning your day correctly--as if i ever do that!). a very important driving detail i learned quickly: it is (absolutely) impossible to turn left in hollywood at rush hour. and the five cars behind you in the turning lane will get pissed at YOU, and not the ten billion cars in your way. this fact was the one that tipped me over the edge on my most stressful day. the day i ended up falling off my bike while on my way to retrieve the car from the only area of town (a half-hour bike ride at best) where it's possible to find a parking space (which is up quite possibly the steepest hill in hollywood to climb on a bike).
most nights i slept at nikii, jeff, and silas's house (the residence at the top of said hill). nikii was trusting (read: desperate) enough to hire me to do some cutting and construction work on her glorious be-flounced dancepants. she's selling them at a booth at tribal cafe' where those fine ladies will dance in just a coupla weekends.
in the evenings i rehearsed with lucent dossier for a show at abundant sugar (a kick-ass community loft/party space in the downtown warehouse district) to benefit cirque berzerk. over the course of the week i might have finally gotten a handle on the choreography so as not to feel obligated to save face in the back forty on the group dance numbers.
we shared the stage friday and saturday nights with various aerialists, firedancers, and clowns, who created a full evening of entertainment for our quests who partook in a sit-down multi-course meal served by the hottest clowns-in-miniscule-skirts i ever saw. the highlight of everyone's weekend, i'm sure, was to witness two of the most super-human trapeze artists i've ever shared the same air with. these two men, each of them perfectly sculpted and gorgeous, performed a routine that was strong, elegant, graceful, and perfectly timed. their feats of strength were incredible. their trust in each other, phenomenal. and perhaps the main thing i marvelled about these men was the pure, joyous serenity that radiated from their faces the entire time. people cried. the phrase i think summed it up for me was that i am honored to be the same species as they are.
at the end of the night, i finally got to do some real all-out booty-shakin' like i haven't done since a dame gig in lex-town months ago, i'm sure. and sidled up to ye olde whiskey bottle like old times, too. :) glad to bring some good k-y lovin' to plastic town. :) and you know what happens when you combine the tiffster with booty-shake and whiskey=sparkley-eyed flirtatiocity. ;) welcome to LA.
after returning to the city for another round, all week long i straddled the fence on whether to hate LA (as surely any sane, nature-lovin' gal from god's green earth should), or to embrace a community of artists who are so warm and welcoming to this vagabond outsider of a smiley quiet jiggley girl (who pronounces some words kinda funny--ya notice?). the serendipity of my landing precisely in the midst of such a fantastic group of people smack-dab in the middle of scary LA (or even the whole of CA, really) still astounds me. i keep expecting someone to be callous, competitive, diva, or even simply un-interesting; it just hasn't happened. i feel so blessed by everyone i encounter.
and if the lucent/LA burners weren't awesome enough, then there are sooperdeedooperkate and nikii who are soooo generous and hospitable and understanding and warm. oh no--i'm gonna explode in a cheesey love-fest!! and if i weren't blown over by those fine chicas, then there is the troyboy. his generosity, encouragement, support and enthusiasm are unquestionable.
and sooo appreciated. finally, and not at all lastly, there are my loved ones from way over there in the bluegrass state who keep callin' emailin' and generally asking after my well-being. the ho-swah and teesa, woo-lovely, eco-gyrl, ruthie, alyssum.. man, i can barely see the screen for the tears welling up in my eyes.
i am soooo blessed. i love you all sooooo much. there is no way/where in the world i could possibly feel alone or lonely because you all are such a wonderful support. from being raised up so high on your love, i can see for miles and miles above the clouds straight up to the stars. they are shining brightly down on you, showing the way in the night.
whew!! (wipe away tears. . )
so after that phenomenal week of wonder and friendship, troyboy and i drove north and visited santa cruz, my early love affair of forest cliff and wave. we are already so accustomed to the sun-baked heat by now, that the cool mist of the bay chilled us to the bone. i had forgotten why anyone would wear longsleeves. in the morning we crawled out from coziness to jog through the "marinelayer" fog along the shoreline, ending on the pier. under there were hundreds of fat barking seals reclining on the rafters, and one who entertained us by propelling himself out of the water over and over trying to land his own rafter. fresh seafood and sourdough baguette. ok. well i think i've gushed enough for one sitting. if anyone ever reads this blog, they'll be sure not to after this cheese-fest! ha!
thank you thank you thank you thank you
sunshine, and those flowers that only bloom after they've been baked by the heat for a few months.


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