Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Out the Door

Why is it so hard for me? Yet sooo necessary.
Gratitude abounds for a bikeride that found its way to my favorite spot in town!* The Capitol Rose Garden in full splendor. The sun hinted at its Sacramento summer intensity to come. As we sat on a bench in the center for a snack-break, intense perfume floated on the breeze from all directions.
Good medicine for mind, body, and spirit.
photo 2
A ridiculous array of roses in all directions!
photo 4
Meditation on beauty and breath.
photo 1photo 3photo 1
Gossamer-winged friend.

Giggling at myself yet again, realizing how perfectly this fits in with my recent flower-sex theme. ;-) I swear, I just love flowers; sex didn't even cross my mind as I basked in this radiance!

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