Thursday, April 07, 2011

gratitude: for friends :Corvallis

For such an impromptu and short trip, this weekend up in Oregon felt slow, full, and intentional. Moments of sunshine, warmth ( least on the inside...), rain and cold. Brilliant green fields, glimpses of cloud-hugged mountains, and small-town sidewalks. Nourishing home-cooked meals, indulgent pizzas, and flowing beer (a true trip to Oregon must include it!). Two giggling girls, and many Anjali costume changes. A gratifyingly lengthy bikeride, and hours of conversation, scheming and laughter. We've been together often enough lately that open stretches of time pass in which we are not agape at our cosmic connections and epic, still-expanding story, but simply enjoy each others' company.

Walks, talks, and good folks.
Quiet and sunshine. Stairs and Quito kitty.

A reunion of my tushy and a bikeseat for a delicious countryside ride.
Below: awesome ladies' bathroom message in the equally awesome
(Interestingly, we met the owner of this place on our return flight from Baja.
His personable modesty belied the hugeness and radness of his obviously very successful creation).

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