Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crafty: Corduroy Kitten Skirt with Shorties

Eeee!! How easy and fun is it to sew a skirt for a little girl! No womanly curves to adjust for and attempt to flatter, and all the fun color and cuteness you can get away with.
Anjali brainstormed with me about fabrics and decoration on this one ( I think I'll save her frog patch idea for another time...). It's just a square with a stretchy knit drawstring. The polka dot corduroy is soft and lightweight. I've had it in my fabric pile for such a long time, it's bordering on vintage. ;)
We got a few shots with this top-notch outfit Papi put together.
photo 2photo 1
And then I added the shorties! From the same thrifted t-shirt as the kitten patch, I used the sleeves for the legs (like I did for these wool pants) and serged them together, then attached them to the skirt. A manic two-afternoon whiz of a project, I love the results. I hope she does! I'd like to make more like this. A carefree summertime play costume.
photophoto 1photo 2photophoto 4


woo said...

Looking so cute! Her fashion sense is getting more palpable. I love your creations!

Tiffanie said...

yes ~ her fashion sense is quite evolved. :-)
thanks! :-D