Saturday, December 04, 2010

Moments of Art

I set my alarm for Early today. I wanted to get up Early so bad, I even woke up before my alarm went off. And I actually got out of bed!
There were plenty of things I could have spent my time doing, but I wanted this time to be for me. Once I had the time, and had gotten my tea and stretched a little, I thought, "Now what the hell do I do?" And a little voice said, "You could paint!" So I did.

As is usual, I didn't know when mommyhood would call me away, so I moved quickly. Here's what the spirit moved me to paint this morning.
And very very interestingly, the link that I gave to SARK's Doing More Things Badly post insisted instead on connecting to an entry about her new book, called Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity. Hmm! Synchronicity strikes!

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