Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gratitude: For Friends

Geez, I've just totally fallen off. I feel a lot of motivation to do a lot of things ~ but not blog! Not ever going to become an "A-list Blogger" this way! ;-D
I still don't feel like I have the time to really write something, but I at least want to send out a love note for the recent visit we had with Old Friends. As long as I have been friends with Gemini Cricket, I felt as if this visit brought our friendship full circle. This is the goal we'd been aiming for for well over five years when we chose to stop calling ourselves marriage partners and call ourselves good friends instead: getting to the easy, fun part! We have definitely had glimpses of it. But since our wee ones came along, we haven't found the time and space. Until this week. : )
Ahhhh! It felt good.
Cheers, Old Friends!
And also, Cheers to my New Friend: Stella Firefly. That feels really good.

Cup-of-Milk Buddies
Gemini: my oldest dear friend. We've been close since we were 18!
That's quite a while ago by now..
Hot Mama Honeybee: has more energy and drive
than most women I know
~ even while still recovering from radiation!
Health: now that's something to be grateful for!
Pretty darn cozy.!

For the most part the week was spent just chillin' in our new place ~ playing music, laughing at the little girls as they played, and enjoying plenty of good food and drink. Though I don't have photos of them all, I am thankful for, and to, everyone who crossed our doormat, helping our new house feel much more like a home this Thanksgiving. I love you all!!

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