Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow.  I opened my inbox one more time before I headed up to bed for the night.  I found an advertisement from The Do Lab down in LA for their big Valentine's Day production, Lucent L'amour.  I half-attentively scrolled down, and stopped as I rested my eyes on a featured painting by Luis Sanchez.  It's a painting of me.  Or, maybe I should say, a painting I modeled for ~ when I performed with Lucent Dossier.  This was actually the last time I appeared with them.  I really was just passing through town and happened to be able to coordinate it with a photo shoot for the painter.

Here's the painting.

And here are some photos from that photo shoot, almost four years ago (a photo of me posing for what would become a painting is in the top left hand of this first multi-pic grouping, by Roger Fojas).

Considering my beginning work with The Artist's Way, and its focus on synchronicity, this visit to my inbox is curious.
Last night I wrote a reactionary blog filled with wistfullness and longing.  But this morning in the light of day, I sit drinking tea by the fire as it rains hard outside.  The rain sploshes in puddles on the sidewalk as the blustery wind rattles the windows and clangs the windchimes.  My daughter clops around the hardwood in shoes too big, and hums.  I do not wish for another time or a different set of circumstances.  And I'm happy with the small forward-moving progress I feel toward a more creative life for myself Right Now.  

So I will leave that blog unposted at the moment, and remain simply intrigued .. and curious.  I do believe in synchronistic happenstance.  And I'm just waiting ~ for this little vision-glimpse into my past to whisper its wisdom.  

(by the way ~ i did my makeup for this shoot, and i like it a lot. :-)


woo said...

Wow! I remember that photo shoot. How neat that you stumbled upon the painting. The synchronicity of timing is quite curious....

ABC said...

Synchronicity always lets me know I'm in the right place. Sister...you gots the universes love on this one! Bangarang! The picture is beautiful.