Sunday, January 17, 2010


(or, as is the case so much of the time: Gratitude for Friends)

Much excuse to celebrate and many celebrations this Wintertime season! As my birthday falls just days after the new year, I have always viewed that smear from the 24th of December (or how about Thanksgiving?!) through at least the 10th of January as one long reason to eat drink and be merry. : ) (oh, geez. blogger is doing this again ~ not connecting words, but instead just trailing the letters of a word onto the next line...) I am thankful for the company and the festivities to warm up the season and keep filling up the cup of cheer. Merriment, friends, hugs, and deliciousness all around. As that beloved roommie would say, "Hooray!" 
For a few posts to come, I will share with you some of the festivity.

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