Monday, October 05, 2009

Decompression, or: Returning Home

So what was it that I was trying to say about my Burning Man experience this year? "How was your burn?" as the query goes in the "lingo".

Every other year that I have been to Black Rock City, I have been so awestruck, so spellbound, so mystified, comforted, challenged, embraced ~ that I have not wanted to leave. And I have fallen into depression upon returning to the rest of my life (as *awesome* as it is!). A big part of me has always stayed back there in the desert. Well. I'm glad that I went this year with Anjali. I needed to go, and I loved and lived being a citizen of Black Rock City with my baby. And. At the end of the week, I was so ready to return to my lovely home and to my loving family and truly beauty-full life.
So I came home. I took a shower as soon as I could. I put on my everyday casual non-costumey shirt and pants. I came home to a house blessedly filled with loved ones from all over the country. To a garden in need of tending, and farmers' market harvests brimming and ready for canning season. To a henhouse of chickens waiting to be accepted, tended, and known. To ecstatically welcoming a new housemate in the near future (welcome home, Austin!!!)! I came home to a husband who works sooo hard to be the best Sealion he can be, and to help me be the best Me I can be.
The best Us.
To a little girl who certainly no longer seems like an infant ~ a person! ~ who is about to turn one year old before I even know what hit me.

I'm here now.
I came home.

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