Thursday, July 23, 2009

crafty: kitty cat dress for a friend

I am pleased to get to show you this latest sewing project that I created for a dear friend for her first birthday.
At the family reunion ~ I'm honored!

This was shot when it was hanging on the clothesline, here.

For the base dress I used a pattern by Lotta Jansdotter, from her book, Simple Sewing for Baby. But I really took off from there. I repurposed three women's blouses (called "baby doll blouses" ~ how appropriate), and was able to incorporate the collar, shoulder pleats and buttons from one blouse to make this dress a lot fancier than the pattern from which I was working. And I used the pocket from another blouse. I had so much fun scheming how to use the blouses and then making this dress. And although the design intends for the closure to go in the back (as with lots of women's clothing), you can see that it works just fine in the front. But, of course, the cute dress only highlights how special the wearer, herself, is.

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josh and tiffany said...

that dress rocks. thank you for being such an awesome extendamom for stella. she'll love you for it as soon as she can.