Wednesday, July 01, 2009

gratitude: for friends

Ahhh. So awesome to have TT, Farhad, Mel, Phil, and Phil's mom, Sonya, "Me-maw," in the area for a while! Music, hookah, dance, laughter, bourbon, and late night (all-the-time, more like it) Indian food (well. . food. if we're involved, there's food involved) were all in abundance.

Ahhh. Good, old friends. And good times with good old friends.
TT and Farhad toast the oysters at Hog Island in SF's Ferry Building. 
Anjali and her new BFF, Ivy, from whom Anjali earned her first official nickname, Jolly (a common American mispronunciation of the tail end of her name, and more importantly, a fitting adjective). 
Me-maw! (not ours ~ Ivy's.)
A music rehearsal with Helm at the Shochats'.  

The melody from Farhad's tar was the theme of my head the whole time.  

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