Wednesday, July 08, 2009

boogie down . . sometimes

Well, I spoke too soon on that one.  This morning as we listened to it, it had quite a "Dance Party 2000" kinda feel to it.  And then as soon as I started to walk over to give a song a "thumbs down," I look over at Sealion and he is mouthing the words and knows all the breaks (his favorite music radio station is SF's gay dance station).  So cute.  
So a lot of the time you get Curtis Mayfield (whom I *love*), and sometimes you get people called Maroon 5.  It's all very danceable, just some is very much my style, and some very much Sealion's. And, of course, since it's Pandora, you can fine-tune it to your preferences.  
Just do it when Sealion's not looking.  ;-)    

. ..  a post script:  ok, so i was wrong in the above post.  when sealion read it, he said, "i do *not* like Maroon 5!"  i just picked that group because it was one with which i was totally unfamiliar.  but apparently that doesn't even represent him well, either.  so there you go. . (but there are still plenty that he does like that i would thumb down!)  


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sealion said...

that is my best attempt at expressing on a keyboard that my tongue is sticking out at you while I blow air over it in such a way that it makes that noise, vibrates up and down, and flings saliva at you!