Friday, May 01, 2009

crafty, with friends

these are two emails i sent today.  if you live nearby, come play!  if you don't live nearby, i wish you did, and that you would.   

hey, sabine (who used to lead her own crafty club in the city: "crafty bitches and thrift store whores") ~

do you know any cool crafty folk in berkeley/east bay?  i have searched and searched online for moms groups who get crafty, and found one in tampa.  florida.  i attended only one "regular" mommy group where moms sat on the floor and pulled their babies off of each other and talked about pooping habits.  there has to be more.  i asked a woman carrying her baby at the fabric store the other day if she knew any crafty moms' groups, and she dismissed me, saying that moms don't have time to get crafty.  well, what was she doing at the fabric store then?!
if you have any ideas, i'd love to hear them. [sealion] and i are suffering from lack of "tribe".

~ tiffanie 

hi, friends ~

i want to get together with friends and create ~ play at an art project or make on a craft project, have pleasant conversation and perhaps nutritious snacks.  i would like to do this regularly ~ every week if possible for some, semi-weekly, or at least monthly.  i envision it being kid-friendly, but not kid-centered.  i imagine it happening on an afternoon that could bleed into an early evening.  i realize many of us are busy, and some very busy.  but if this sounds like fun to you, i believe that prioritizing creation with others has the potential to bless and nurture the rest of our lives.  no agendas or have-to's or shoulda's, nor competition, just some creativity amongst pleasant folks.

if this sounds like something you might enjoy, and/or you know someone who might be interested, please let me/them know.

happy may!
~ tiffanie 

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