Tuesday, May 05, 2009

crafty, with friends ~ continued

here's an email i sent out today.

hi, friends!

i am SO excited about the response i've gotten to my invitation for creative fun!! i have received seven positive replies, with a few who have friends who might be interested. cool, eh?

as for scheduling, some of us have evenings free, and some of us have days free.
of the people who have shared availability, it kind of smears across the week (as we might have expected).

so i'm going to throw this out:
how bout every other monday evening, and every other wednesday afternoon? so 1st and 3rd mon eves, 2 and 4th wed afternoons.
how does that work with everyone?

as for where, i'm glad to meet here at my place, to meet at a park sometimes, weather and activity allowing. as for others' houses, i oftentimes don't have a car, so am limited to close walking distances right now.

books i have enjoyed about crafting:
The Creative Family, by Amanda Soule
Generation T, by Megan Nicolay
Bend the Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol

a book i'm interested in looking at:
Crafternoon, by Maura Madden

so here's a question for you to answer:
are you interested in organized projects that we all work on, or a bring-yer-own project kind of format?

ok! i think that's all for now. anything else you can think of?
fun is in store!!
~ Tiffanie

organizing this was a big step out for me.  honestly, for the past few years, i have spent a large portion of my time sad and/or hermiting.  the advent of Anjali has changed that for me ~ either out of necessity, as when I sought out prenatal meditation and yoga during pregnancy for stability and sanity, or just cuz that's the way it is.  i realized at the turn of March that this past winter was the first one in countless years that i haven't been blue.  wonder!  not saying i don't have a blue afternoon or day, but for the most part. . i feel upbeat, and like being social!  i'm so glad, because i also believe that we weren't designed to live insular lives in our separate little cubby holes ~ we're meant to have a tribe.  i'm tired of not feeling a community, and of my baby not having society.  she loves people!  i've been giddy the past few days coming up with themed dinners and parties we could have, and setting goals for having friends over for dinner: at least twice a month.  
but for now, i feel great about this first step.  and all the crafty fun we'll have!  


Alyssum Pohl said...

exciting! I wish I could come be crafty with you and get myself out of the blues I feel sometimes. Crafting is always so good for that. I'm working on something now...maybe I'll go post a blog about it (o:

Tiffany said...

crafty is OK and all but wild and wooly is better. willy nilly even.