Saturday, May 02, 2009

crafty: pantaloons pour ma petite fille

Created these awesome pants for Anjali.   

From fabric that someone shared with me in a "free box" on the sidewalk ~ very lightweight cotton that will work perfectly to keep baby cool, but protect her fair skin on warm sunny days. Considering that I rarely use a pattern, my sewing is trial-and-error (-and-error).  I used a pair of pants that fit her as a template, and went from there.  The thing I haven't been able to get right yet is enough crotch room to accommodate her diaper-padded bum.  If she's going diaper-free, they fit beautifully.  And that lasts as long as I can manage to catch her pee-pees ~ sometimes hours, sometimes minutes.  So these went back to the drawing board with a couple more inches in length for the bootay.  But don't they look adorable in their original dimensions?  With their voluminous width, and delicious belly-button display, they reminded Sealion and me of bellydance pantaloons.  Of course!
 Let the shakey-shakey begin!

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