Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ha!  At my midwife visit yesterday, I told her that I was having trouble visualizing baby's actual position inside my belly.  So she got a kids' marker and drew me a diagram!  As she drew, she realized it was more of a challenge than she expected, so she went ahead and labeled it, too.  This made me laugh really hard.  

The outer circle represents my uterus.  

The lighting and my camera don't help you see that there is an arrow pointing down (the direction the baby will go at birth), and then way underneath it says, "head".  

On this side are the little legs and feet, umbilical cord, and, toward the bottom, elbows suggesting arms.  

Watermelon belly, indeed.  

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alyssum said...

hooo nelly! you be ready to 'bout POP!