Sunday, September 28, 2008

birth amulet

Created by my dear new friend Alyse.  

This necklace immediately felt very powerful ~ I didn't even try it on for a couple days; I was intimidated.  But it also feels *clean*.  I'm wondering if perhaps this is in resonance with the intense feelings of childbirth that I've heard are crisply part of that moment, and do not linger (so that we won't mind doing it again).   
In her words:

"The gems that requested to be near you are the following ones:

Rose quartz, (pink): Unconditional love & nurturing acceptance of oneself
Garnets, (red): Improves the quality of the blood, wound healing, fortifies the inner flame, the desire for self realization and encourages the basic dynamics of shared survival: mutual help
Adventurine, (light Green): Calming quality, encourages pure heart centered love, and supports embarking on new adventures, and reveals what makes us happy or unhappy
Pearls, (peacock): The essence of the Mother, which is created inside the womb of the sea beings. Encourages ease in childbirth"

Thank you, Alyse.  I will wear it sincerely.  


Randi said...

It's me again -- I'm addicted to stalking my friends who are due around now. (Can you believe I have 3? What a ripe time of year!)

I look back on my natural birth with so much giddiness. It was incredibly tough, but also the most rewarding and powerful moment of my life. I'm so happy for you! That necklace seems to be a wonderful source of inspiration and strength!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

What a beautiful, stunning necklace. I love rose quartz. I give my son one to carry when he needs just an extra dose of love.