Saturday, July 02, 2005


fell asleep on a blanket on the beach in encinitas this afternoon. hot sun reaching down and enfolding my tired body. feeling much more myself. i have that post-sun warmth radiating from my skin and dry sand clinging in between my toes. i think i'm here. on the way back to hillcrest where we're staying, woo took us on a detour to sunset cliffs. this is one of those places where the cliffs are eroding, ragged naked earth scratches down to the waves, and piles of huge boulders await at the bottom where anything from above might land. we got out of the car to the cries of people saying, "a man just fell off that cliff over there!! he was climbing on the rocks and they broke off underneath him and he fell in!!" before we could even get to the cliff's edge to see, there he was climbing out onto the boulders, dripping wet. people called out, "are you ok?" and he waved a reply. now the evening has a certain otherworldly sense of importance--as if something might have happened and didn't, and the rest of our time was rescued somehow from what "might have happened." it feels for some reason as if tonight has a clean slate from anything that it was before.. .

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