Sunday, July 31, 2005

la la la L.A.

"wish you were here." thanks to my rockin friends, this was a great weekend in LA. :) started off with dinner at prizzi's on franklin ave. (right across the street from the scientology "celebrity center"--how totally frickin freaky) with superkate and troyboy. (drove tb to the aeropuerto at 3:30 in the morning--ouch!!!) then a raucous high-decibel big-five birthday party for master silas--including splashy squeally pool fun and spongebob pinata! late night saturday it was a cirque berzerk party--costume and booty-shake, ending with the requisite 3am breakfast at denny's (talk about an interesting and motley melting pot--denny's in hollywood after bars close on saturday night--a peoplewatcher's paradise!). up early to beat the heat on sunday a.m. (yes, superkate went too!!) to the farmers' market! yippee! juicy gorgeous ripe fragrant local organic produce, street singers drummers and dancers, a balloon animal maker and crepes made-to-order. all baked together on the sunsoaked LA asphalt. this was my favorite scene yet. but wait--what?? what?? what?? superkate introduced me to the fashion district -- talk about awestruck flabbergastedness on tif's part. i couldn't keep my mouth closed from gawking. storefront after storefront of aisle after aisle of table after table and bin upon bin of bolt and spool after bolt and spool of every color texture weave material ever even imagined. !!!! and that was just one side of one street!! she was a gentle pusher, leading me into just a coupla stores, and letting me wander starry-eyed and stunned as i caressed, stroked and stretched the most astonishing variety and abundance of fabrics i could ever dream. with friends fun and not much traffic, this weekend's LA earned an A.

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