Thursday, July 07, 2005

sacto kickin'

kickin' it in sac-to for a few days while mr. troyboy gets settled into his new digs. the sky is that techno-color postcard blue that i didn't believe was real growing up in hazy-humid kentucky. days reach 100, and the evenings are 65-70 with a calming breeze that pulls me to star-gazing every night. the house's main features are its 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and its proximity to UCDavis Hospital, where the majority of tenants earn their dough. my favorite part is the rockin' brick patio with grill and wisteria-grown pergola, totally secluded by fruit trees and flowering bushes. the cast of characters here at the sac-to ranch with whom you're not already familiar are: bri mackin-daddy, and the feline friends--petite fluffy mischief, and surly rocky. their human companions are two gentlemen--tigerman and dug-lad. these folks, the piles of dirty clothes, empty fastfood containers, sports implements and channels, overflowing trashcans and a floor on which my barefeet don't want to walk, lead me to name this location BoysTown.

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