Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Outside When it's Cold

We are back home from Thanksgiving with the family, and back at it!
Today I coaxed Anjali out the door with the suggestion of pretending to visit the North Pole. ;-)
This guy came along with us. This guy [ big hearty eyes for this guy! ] came along. Can you see he is making biscuits on the ground, just because he's so happy I'm paying attention to him?

What did I notice?
Chickweed was back.
Feathers of that other chicken we couldn't locate the other day. :-/
A little sparrow who didn't mind being in the brush pile right next to where we were loudly playing.
A tree at the top of the hill with magical draping branches. If you hide underneath these types of branches, the world really does seem more magical! <3
Low-growing plants under the shelter of trees bouncing back from frost, ones out in the open not as much.

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