Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day Four and Five: Getting Outside when it's Cold

Well, technically it's not cold outside today. At least not compared to the last few days!  40 seems balmy compared to 20!  
Yesterday I was very busy packing to come to North Carolina for our family Thanksgiving visit.  But I did manage to get outside to empty the compost (does that count?! haha) and to do some sprints in preparation for the looong car ride.  What did I notice?  Really strong wind.  Warming temperatures, the huge disc of ice that I dumped out of the cats' water bowl still frozen in the same shape.   Water dripping down the frozen gutter cup cascade (whatever that's called).  Bright crisp blue sky.  Hmm. I can only come up with 4 as I'm looking back on it... 

Today we woke up in the "mother-in-law suite" at the cabin.  It is so quiet and restful out here, with nothing to do but hang out, huddle by the fire, eat, and then go outside to get some fresh air, walk off the meals, get away from family for a few minutes ( ;-) ), and tromp through the woods.   
Tromping through the woods might be mine and my sweetie's favorite thing to do together.  And what a treat it is during these times to have ample childcare, and no place to be, so that we can take long leisurely wanders through the woods.  We inspect deer tracks and scrapes, admire mushrooms, listen for wildlife, and talk about stuff you get to talk about when you're away from child and day-to-day business matters.  Ahhhhhh.  This situation is the exact opposite of what makes it hard for me to get outside in the cold during my regular life.  Going on our wanders is what we enjoy and look forward to most when we're here (well, and hunting ~ if you're Troy).  So this doesn't even need to be accounted for in my "Getting outside when it's Cold" accountability journal.  But I'm on a roll!  :-)  
What did I notice?  
The only leaves left on the deciduous trees are oaks, I do believe.  Rusty brown and/or red. 
Enchanting microcosms of moss ~ 4 different kinds in their own wee little forest.
Many deer scrapes!  And all kinds of hoof prints.  
Rusty red clay.  
Mushrooms like little penises pressing up out of the mud! :-D  
I could go on and on.  How can I incorporate this kind of delight into my everyday life?!  

rusty clay, pine needles and oak leaves. <3  


sunlight through rusty oak leaves. 


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