Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gratitude Every Day

I have managed to get totally out of the habit of blogging.  When I lived in Mexico, I am proud to say that I repurposed that time into living in the moment, slowly.  However, since I have returned to the US, I find plenty of small moments throughout the day to check Facebook.  Some of that I think is worthwhile.  And sharing on there feels worthwhile to me.  But that interaction is so ADD- and addictive-feeling to me.  Sharing on a blog ~ as much as blog times have changed ~ feels like more of an investment in myself, and less like a jonezing twitch.  This blog is quite valuable to me after all these years of sharing in this space.  I look back and really appreciate the investment.

So anyway, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers and people, Andrea Scher, I'm going to do some gratitude journaling and accountability here.  I walked through a very low-frequency moment for more than a week recently.  Whatever was the cause, I felt as if I had to pick myself up by my bootstraps and apply some discipline to look at things in a sunny manner.  Attitude is a habit.  Even with all the shitty things that happen here on Earth (by those outta control big-headed hairless monkeys), it will always be a miraculous place to exist.  And I endeavor to see my life for the miracle that it is, every. frickin. day.

not hard to see the miracle here.  baby steps, right? ;-)  photo by Remy.. or was it Darek?? 

I wrote in my journal that disciplined morning a few days ago about how I would fill the page with gratitudes, even when I was seeing the world through half-empty glasses. ;-)  I did an oracle reading for the first time for myself on New Year's (as a part of my Create your Goddess Year workbook), and on the new moon of each month, I read the card that I drew for myself for that month.  This month, on the day that I chose to look on the bright side even though my lip was still dragging in the mud, I read my card from the Sacred Path Cards:  Number One:  Peace Pipe.  What the card said to me was that I am responsible for the vibration I put out ~ even through my thoughts.  That everything in my life ripples out to touch every being with whom I'm connected ~ the whole web.  So I need to come to terms with the fact that I came into this world at this time, and accept my purpose.  I need to come to balance and peace inside myself so that I can fully own the vibe I transmit at all times.  To me this doesn't mean denying my feelings, but simply realizing that I'm in charge of the way I choose to Be in this life, and owning it.
So this is a step in that owning and responsibility.
I guess the soundtrack to this (as is my soundtrack for everything these days ~ Medicine for the People)'s "Manifesto" refrain:  "Don't waste your hate.  Rather, gather and create.  Be of service.  Be a sensible person.  Use your words and don't be nervous.  You can do this; you've got purpose.  Find your medicine and use it."

Today I'm grateful for this medicine that I know is mine ~ the written (typed) word.  May it be useful to Mama Earth and her inhabitants. 

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