Monday, April 22, 2013

Gratitude Every Day: days three through six!

Well, I've gotten behind on my gratitude listing because:  I've been having so much fun!  It's easy to find things to be grateful when you're having fun, eh?  In those instances, the challenge is in finding *which* grateful thing to focus on, as opposed to finding the gratitude.  Ahhh. feels gooood!

So I'll just choose a few obvious ones.  (can you feel my gushing?!)

I'm grateful for:
Girlfriends who, by the sheer infection of their enthusiasm, can pull you up outta bed from moping.
-who support you and encourage you to be your highest, best self.
-who invite you to take a break from taking yourself and life so damn seriously! 
-who are not afraid to have a whole WHOLE lot of fun. 
-who are open to giggling for hours.
- who howl at the moon, regularly.
- who aren't afraid to be very very irreverent.
-who appreciate the sacred in every thing and every moment.
Did I mention girlfriends who like to dance?  What about chocolate? ...Surely that must be in there. 

I'm grateful for:
a community of fabulous individuals who totally BRING the party!  Every one of my friends is a multi-talented, beautiful person who adds layers of love, effort, and magic to any occasion worth attending here in Lexington.  Not only are they fun and talented, they are loyal and caring and giving, providing exactly the village experience the Family Pope was wishing for when we took the flying LEAP to move back to Lexington.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

I'm grateful for:
parties worth dressing up for!
days worth drinking espresso for!
hips that remember what boogying down feels like and then don't stop for days.

I'm grateful for:
My Family.  I marvel at the girl my daughter is blossoming into.  Her wisdom, her insight, her savvy, her fashion/costuming sense, her dancing, her mastery of working a crowd.  Her poop jokes. ;-)   My soulmate ~ who immediately impresses upon anyone who meets him his energy and motivation and zeal.  His generosity and passion.  His deep sense of trust in our relationship and in me. {heart heart heart heart!!!}

Ok!  I do believe that's enough exclamation marks for one blog entry.
At least you can say for me, that when I am manic, I ride it like the sparkling art car that it is.    

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