Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gratitude: Ten Things

best buddies chomping ripe pears at the farmers' market.

Inspired (yet again) by that favorite blogger SouleMama, I thought it wholly appropriate to follow my grump session yesterday with a list of Ten Things I Love. I think hers was Simply Ten Good Things, but I'm saying, Ten Things I've Loved about Here So Far, since we just moved to Corvallis, and I haven't gotten to share with you much. Because, as real as the rain is, I have real-ly loved so many things I've discovered about our new homeplace.

~ wood burning stove
~ the stereo that came with our rental house, including a record player and a large, eclectic collection of vinyl ~ such as my right-now-favorite new-to-me classic Joan Baez in concert
~ biking away from the farm where we picked up our fresh goats' milk, after getting to meet and pet the goats!
~ fantastic farmers' markets (such a welcome homecoming!)
~ ten-plus variations of green that can be seen right outside my morning bedroom window
~ abundant backyard apple (and pear!) sauce!
~ best friends who live mere feet away
~ rose hips
~ grape stomping
~ extensive almost-daily country bicycle commuting

Photos do not necessarily match the ten things, but are of things I've loved nonetheless. ;-)

concords ripe for the stompin'.
hi, neighbor!
exotic (to me) locals at the farmers' market.
abundant, mindfully produced, staples.
stompin' feet! actually covered with blackberry juice! we did both ~ grapes and blackberries from the yard, and the nearby field. our neighbors/commune-mates are making a hefty winter brew with them both!
a couple of the many gems we've found in the record stacks: classic-classics! what a find! the little dancer approves.
more harvest time treats at the farmers' market.
can you see just how loaded this tree is with apples?! it is only a representative of the abundance we have at our disposal in the yard.
wild rose hips and more wild rose hips!

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