Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sending Love to Shrine

Candles for Shrine. A Shrine of Candles.

Death is simply the other side of life, one big circle. I know that beings all around the globe are affected by death every day. Lately the veil between death and life has felt extra-thin in my neck of the woods, or more accurately, in my heart-circle.
Furry and feathered creatures.
Beloved pet Sasha Dog.

Today Sealion's uncle ended his painful struggle with terminal cancer.
May he rest well.

Right now
I want to focus all the healing intentions and warm strength to a man who has greatly influenced me and many many others, the Great artist and Wise man, Shrine. He was in a car accident, and the veil was pulled taught. I bet he even got a glimpse on the other side. Those who passionately adore him believe there is still plenty of loving and beauty for him to create yet in this time around.
Be strong, Shrine! Heal fully. Feel and receive all the love vibrations that we're all sending your way.
Let it knit you up.

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