Monday, July 11, 2011

Every Little Thing

There are so many huge things bouncing around taking space in my mind lately that it is hard for the words to slip their way through. I have about three lengthy posts going all at once and am stuttering on each of them. And more importantly, I am spending as much time as possible outside and away from this luminescent box. Still the little narrator does not shut up in my head these days. ;-)

I take things so seriously. Even though everything that we're working towards in our life is just exactly what I want, things still weigh so heavily on me. I could use some laughter or weightlessness therapy. You know that too-cute saying, "Angels can fly because they take things lightly."
Well, luckily the little person in my life adds much levity. So I thought this would be a nice little break in between all the heavy topics I seem to want to write about.

(And of course she croons this without help and then as soon as I bring up the camera she gets quiet but that is understandable. It still melts my heart every time.)
Thank you thank you thank you for the sweet reminder.

(And, um, yeah. I never figured out how to fix that last post.)

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