Friday, October 08, 2010

The Matter at Hand

Huh. I think we're moving. Whatta you think? We have been immensely fortunate in having family come to help us pack boxes and move Stuff.

Amazingly, Anjali and I have just returned from a week in Maui (!) with my mom and Sealion's mom, as well as Brian and Arlene, and all of their extended family. So while we were soaking up the restorative sun, surf, and gorgeous landscape of Maui, Sealion was mostly working, and Papa and Grandpa Chris were filling boxes and making trips with the Jetta and its trailer in between Berkeley and Sacramento. Boy do I feel lucky [understatement]!

Papa filling holes in the freshly-bare wall
Our almost-two-year-old spectates
I hope that I have the time to share a little bit here about my experience of Maui and Hawaii. It left an impression. And added to my growing theory about warm-beach-centered cultures ~ any society whose abundantly overarching adornment is fresh, fragrant flowers has to view life in a special way. I like it.
But now back to the boxes. And the insistent pondering of: how did we accumulate all this Crap?!! Even though we buy as much second-hand as we can, I'm feeling quite American in the obvious Consumption that all these boxes represent. Mainly with the inspiration of Your Money or Your Life, and also with a book called The Joy of Less, I'm making some hard culling decisions. Wish me continued strength and courage in this endeavor!

Oh, how frustrated Blogger makes me!!! I hate that this is all underlined, and in my techno-ignorance I can't fix it! So I'm leaving it like this even though it irritates the bejeezus out of me!!

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