Thursday, December 17, 2009

Success with Technical Difficulties

Yippee!  I presented my problem to Bloggers "Help Forum",

"I accidentally erased the sidebar while working on the HTML.  It shows up when viewing individual entries, but not the blog as a whole.  

"hbl" suggested I re-add the gadgets on the Layout>Page Elements page.  So...

When  I go to the Layout>Page Elements page, all of the gadgets are still there.  I clicked on each, saved it again, then clicked View Blog, and still no sidebar.  If I click on an individual post's title, then the sidebar shows up."

 and eventually Aviatrix's suggestion helped:
I took out the post that caused the problem in the first place!  (And then replaced it with a duplicate.)
Now my blog is all better.  : )
Well, except that it now has a new color scheme.  But I don't mind it that much.


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