Thursday, December 24, 2009

Decked Halls and Yuletide Carols...

I must admit that I'm really missing "home" for the holiday.  I always get sad and lonely over here in CA on the Christmases when Sealion works.  So I'm bustling around getting things ready for a Christmas I can enjoy here.   Today I started with a huge homemade mocha ~ with milk and cream, cocoa and coffee, and cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, and nutmeg.  That helped.  Now there's Anjali's present (a d-o-l-l ) to put the finishing touches on, molasses sourdough proofing in the sunshine, and a wine glass to be replenished.  For dinner:   brisket, mashed roots, bread, and a wilted salad.  Peanut butter cookies for Santa.   Christmas lights sparkling.  Very fortunately, Austin is sticking around, so we can cozy up around the fire and be silly together while Papi works his 12 hour shifts.     

And here's my  Harry Connick, Jr. Holiday Pandora Station for some more laid-back variety.

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woo said...

Beautiful! I was wondering how you were decorating for Christmas. I am missing being home, too. Would love to share a little Christmas cheer with you!