Sunday, August 23, 2009

habit forming

i'm developing a habit.. 

i'm watching Sex and the City episodes at night. . 

with my big mug of milk, and perhaps a square of chocolate,  

when anjali is solidly snoozing and the boy is at work..

i pull out my computer and open iTunes.  at first i was just buying episode by episode, but then i finally just purchased the whole first season.

damn is it good stuff.   


Alyssum Pohl said...

One day when I was in Managua, Nicaragua, staying with some people who were working at the embassy, I was accidentally locked INSIDE their compound and couldn't go out to explore during the day. I spent the whole day eating ramen & watching 2 seasons of Sex & the City, back to back. Ended up not feeling like a wasted day. Hee hee.

woo said...

I love Sex & the City!