Tuesday, April 07, 2009

rainy day jazzed

Mmm. A deliciously rainy day. Recently the bright sun and clear blue sky have extended an irresistible call to the outdoors. Being inside at all has seemed a waste of weather. Knowing that the rainy season is mostly passed, this day feels like a bit of a holiday. A break, on which I feel absolutely no pressure to be active out of doors. Staking my place on the couch and not feeling bad for sitting there for hours, only getting up to pee and fix another warm drink. And sitting in a pile of fabrics all day ~ even better, fuzzy wool sweater knits. A sewing project that has no deadline ( I always seem to demand genius and perfection of myself while attempting something I've never even tried before, beginning hours [days, weeks..] after it should have been completed for optimum timeliness.. ). Listening to my new Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station (I swear they don't pay me; I just love Pandora ~ it's free!), and the gently soothing sprinkling of steady rain outside.

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