Thursday, April 09, 2009

a new era

Our baby is now officially eating table food.  Like those first fresh new diapers that, while still pregnant, I displayed for myself to admire, her eating will become a part of the routine that I'm cleaning up after.  But for now I'm sentimental and savoring the newness of the development.    
I dip her little spoon into the food while Anjali breathes heavily in anticipation as if she has never eaten in her life.  The spoon cannot get into her hands soon enough.   As she eats, the food gets spread out all over her mouth area (using that term loosely) as if she were applying a facial mask, ending up with a Fred Flintstone-type beard-smear.  When she is no longer interested, the spoon is forgotten immediately.  If I can't find it for the next meal, I know where to search first.    

Oh, heart, how you swell.  My baby is growing up.  

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woo said...

Is it too much to ask for a messy face picture? What is she eating?