Monday, January 19, 2009

oh, the learning curve ~ she is so steep! i try always, as in the rest of my life, to focus on the positives ~ of all the ways i am learning and growing, but ~ glory hallelujah ("jeezle weezle!", as Mr.Sealion says)(i don't know who says "glory hallelujah" but it felt good)! so many of the cliches manage to hold true sometimes. ("you can't clock-out when you're a parent!""parenting is a full-time job!")  when Anjali is having a crying-rough time, Papi sings a magical song that almost always calms her, mesmerizes her, and even sometimes puts her to sleep sans boobie(!). the song is called, "Hard Bein' a Baby", and the verse lyrics are different (and often hilarious) everytime. well, sometimes i wish i could climb onto someone's lap and have them make it all better by singing to me. i promise i would fall asleep.

Hard Bein' a Baby
by Papi Sealion
(holding baby under arms and
lifting up baby slightly in time with the beat)
hard. hard. hard bein' a baby.
it's hard-hard-hard hard bein' a baby!
hard. hard. hard bein' a baby!
it's hard bein' a baby, man!

and did i forget to mention gratitude??!  thank you so much for reminding me, Benjamin H./Alyssum!  i am so fortunate.  in every way.   i don't cry that often (really!), but the thing i consider crying about most often is what an incredibly wonderful husband i have.  thank you, Papi Sealion!!  i can't imagine attempting this ride without you!!!!!!


Benjamin H. said...

how beautifully lucky and wonderful to have a good daddy by your side (o: !!

alyssum said...

sorry that was me. Ben forgot to logout.