Wednesday, October 08, 2008


We have been in baby-preparation mode here for so long now. And Papi Sealion and I already have a habit of being more productivity-oriented than play-oriented ~ we just enjoy making and doing, being handy. I guess that *is* our "play". But, with my limited mobility and impending babymoon, I have been feeling a little bit of cabin-fever. Last week on Sealion's day off, we escaped to the beach!
Stinson Beach is only about an hour away, and on this mid-week afternoon in early October, the beach was expansive and the crowd sparse. The sun, sand, and waves were good medicine.
A couple of camp-chairs, a bottle of wine (and maybe a cookie..), and some light reading:   
sounds perfect!
With my belly-oven, I only needed to cover myself up when we went for a walk in the wind. 
This guy was fun!  He caught the ball in the air every time! 

We.  And our shadow.. 

We brought the beachball.. 

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Dorothy Anne said...

I am sooo thinking of you Missy! How are you? /you look beauteous