Sunday, October 05, 2008

accidental time


For many years, Gemini Cricket and I have held a concept we call "accidental time".  I don't think we're the first to come up with it, and perhaps actually we adopted it from the book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or at least were inspired by it.  It has to do, in its broadest sense, with synchronicity.  And we believe in it.  (Correct me on this one if I'm off, Señor Gemini. .) A simple example might be: we were on a walk around town one afternoon, and over the course of our wanderings, we would have ended up on a certain stretch of sidewalk at a certain specific time, but ended up.. stopping to look at art, or grabbing a beer instead, and subsequently strolling upon that certain stretch of sidewalk at a later time instead.  Well, during the time we probably would have been there, but weren't, a car randomly ended up careening onto that specific stretch of sidewalk.  When we learned that, we realized we were living in "accidental time" ~ a hiccup of the universe, like a magical window we could peer through for an instant, that showed very explicitly that there *could* have been a different outcome, but Happenstance managed that moment differently.  
It doesn't have to involve calamity or danger at all, just a tweaking of destiny as simple as a sleight of hand.  If we were headed out the door in one direction, and ended up needing to go back in the house to grab a jacket, it meant we would head out the door in a different direction after that because this was now a different adventure.  
Mystical, fantastical, psychedelic, altogether imagination-feeding.  And, in a few instances, very important.    

Today is my "due date".  I've never been able to say "due date" without putting the quotation marks around it; Baby doesn't have a calendar or BlackBerry in there.  And I certainly don't want to impose these artificial constructs onto him/her.  ~ At all ~ let alone inside the womb. 
But I can't help but feel like today ~ and any day following on which Baby decides to stay snuggled on the inside ~ is "accidental time".  The air is tinged with magic electricity and the wind feels a bit more . . important.  Similar to a week ago, when I said that that all-important veil was feeling a bit thin, today has a tinge of the psychedelic dancing around its edges.  I feel as if I should celebrate and do something special, but I don't exactly know what.  It's not a time to check the to-do list one more time, or clean out the fridge.  I feel like Baby and I need a little champagne and mischief.  
For now, lively breeze through the windows, Bjork's Vespertine, and burning sage are what I'm coming up with.  Let me know if you get any ideas.  ;-)      

p.s.  If you feel the Spirit directing you in suggesting a name for Baby Pope, give a yell.  We are open and unattached at this point.  And there's still a completely 50/50 chance of the sex.  Show me your imagination.        


woo said...

ummmm......How about a belly picture on this magical day? Put on or take off your in-the-moment desired outfit or "birthday suit" or silk scarf... stand outside in your backyard breeze.....and show us some belly! Mark this momentus electric day with a self-belly-portrait.

As for names.....I once shared with one of my friends a name that I would consider giving my child should I have one. At the time, she was pregnant and ended up choosing the name that I had been pondering (Silas). In following tradition, I will share with you the names that Miles and I have been discussing should we decide to have babies.....
Boys....Isaac, Elijah
Girls...Chloe, Olive
I offer the same heads up as I did to my other friend....there may be 2 of any of the above should there be an unexpected woo~mi in the mix.

Enjoy your magical day!

Chef Dorothy said...

I'm only saying this because I wanted to earlier but felt imposing, and selfish. For a girl I elect Dorothy, it was my Grandmothers name, and then my aunt's and then mine. In my family it ends with me because my baby years have drawn to a close. For a boy I elect Topher (derived from Christopher). And my last suggestion is Rainbow. Thanks for letting me play "name the baby", it was one of my favorites while pregnant.

Who's Your Mommy? said...

I've always been partial to the name Randi/Randy. ;-)

I felt that electricity on my due date, too! I hope you did something special. Dave and I had a nice dinner (with a glass of convention-be-damned wine).

I was a full 11 days overdue by the time Stella arrived, so I will always put "due date" in quotation marks as well. This is truly a magical time, though, knowing any moment could be the start of the most amazing experience of your life.

I'm addicted to your blog during this countdown. I can't wait to hear how it all goes down!

Tiffanie said...

i love all these recommendations! they're all great.
how many names is a kid allowed to have, anyway?