Sunday, July 27, 2008


I received our first shipment of diapers.  I hope/plan to get as many as possible second hand, but. . I just wanted to have some so I could see them and touch them.  Maybe because having them around means that Baby is coming.  Soon.  And for real.  I have never been one of those girls who oogles and coos over a baby and baby things, so my reaction is a new experience for me:  when I got them in the mail, I pulled them out and had this warmy feeling inside.  I'm delighted about them.  They are soft and sweet-smelling and fresh and new ~ just like our little one will be.  I have kept them out ~ just sitting there ~ so that when I walk by, or am doing other things, I can look over at them, and get that same warmy feeling inside, and a delighted smile on my face even if I'm by myself.  
I know that soon enough, my view of diapers forever will be changed.  And those diapers themselves will be, too.  But this is how I feel right now.  I just wanted to write it down to save and savour.  
This feeling.   

"nappy" is the name British-influenced countries use instead of "diaper". 
preaching to the choir in this readership, but: there's an organization for every cause, including spreading the word about using cloth diapers.   

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alyssum said...

I'm sure you've considered it, but Chelsea had great luck with potty training from infancy--she still needs the nappies for travel, for times when mom and pop can't watch Tiger's every move, but for the most part, potty training early on has been a HUGE time/water/annoyance saver.